Amethyst Facial Roller and Gua Sha Set

Roller and Gua Sha 

How to use Roller: Begin in the center of the face, start under the eyes and cheekbones, moving out toward the hairline, in short, gentle strokes. Follow with the jawbone, moving upward towards the earlobes. Next, roll the forehead in an out-and-upward motion.

How to Use the Gua Sha Tool: Begin smooth strokes with the Gua Sha Tool in the center of the forehead, working out-and-up over the brows toward the hairline. Work the tool down the nose on either side. Move gently outward from the center of the face, across the cheeks and below the eyes. For the chin area, move up towards the hairline and ears.

For the neck, start from the base of the collar bone, up the neck towards the jaw bone.

We recommended using a facial oil, cream or serum.